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WCOOP Omaha event

Posted in online poker

Hopefully in tomorrow’s WCOOP $530 Omaha/8 event I can get some result. There is one small problem. I am a dreadful omaha/8 player. I would say aside from stud it is my worst poker game. Oh well. Wish me luck!

And I thought I was bad at Omaha/8. during the first hour I played great and increased my chips a nice chunk. At the second hour I played stinky and missed some big draws and found myself with 3 big bets left going into the third hour. At the third hour I played real real good poker, doubled up, then lost them back, doubled up once more, lost them back another time, then finally my bust out hand came.

I have 2.5 big bets at 300/600 (I believe) limits. There is an early position limper and I raise with AA46 single suited. The guy after me calls two bets cold with AJ66, no joke. It is fold around to the limper who calls. The flop is an ugly KQ9. The limper checks and I decide with so few chips, I can’t give up on this pot despite the ugly flop, so I bet and the cold caller calls again (he has a pair of 6s, where the heck is he going right!?). The early limper folds. The turn card is a 4. I toss out the last of my chips (except 38 of them). Again, he opts to call. The river card is a T. yes

Anyway tournament poker is retarded, that is why they are called donkaments. That was stupid, but what can I say, I played the hand correctly and he was so lucky at the river. It is had for me to swallow this kind of bad play that gets rewarded with a nice river card, but this is part of poker I guess. Practice makes perfect as they say.