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Live Online Casinos

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The gambling industry has not stopped to reinvent itself for the past few centuries and there is no end in sight to the constant innovative creativity that the gaming niche produces every year. The latest in this vein are the live online casinos. It is neither a regular online casino nor a live casino, it is a mix of both.

In a nutshell what online casinos are now offering to the demanding modern gambler are games played like in a brick and mortar casino except that you play from home. But instead of playing purely electronic games from your online casino, you will play with a real human dealer that you see on your screen via a camera. So it is exactly like playing at a live casino, but you do that from the comfort of your living room.

And like for most online casinos, you can play at these live online casinos either with a program that you download on your computer, or with nodownload casinos online systems. This novelty is really the result of crossing all the latest technologies in modern computing.

So why would you play at a live online casino?

It is just a matter of taste and there is something for every taste in gambling. Let’s say you do not have the time or interest in traveling to Las Vegas, Atlantic City or another remote casino. But you love these games. So you have been playing at these online casinos, but you prefer the human touch of interacting with a human dealer (usually a beautiful young woman) and the exciting atmosphere of the brick and mortar casino.

Now you can get the best of both worlds with live online casinos where you play with a dealer, but remotely. This is all the craze in Internet gaming nowadays, try it out if you like to test this new format. The popular games are Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette or even Poker.

For instance All Slots Live Casino launched last year. They have four live dealers reserved for you and you get a cool 100% bonus up to $200 for signing up. The software runs on Microgaming, a solid and reputable service provider for online casinos.

In this application the game is real time, so you really get exactly the same speed as what you get at a brick and mortar casino. What the software mostly does is transmit the video feed through the Internet. You still need to click your mouse to play instead of handling chips or cards of course.

And these games are as safe as the real ones, even safer as no one can rob you of your winnings in the back alley.