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How to trade Gold

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trading futures in goldA symbol of wealth and power, gold also plays a role in the economy throughout the ages. It now shines on the financial markets, seeing its value increase over time. This performance attracts investors as a haven of peace in times of economic uncertainty and market volatility.

However, due to its many nuances and influencing factors, the Gold market can seem complex to a newbie. Whether your interest in gold comes from its historical appeal or its volatility in the markets, this guide will provide the knowledge necessary to operate in this specific market.

Why trade Gold

Gold is not only a coveted precious metal, it is also a pillar of financial markets, influencing economies and public policies. Understanding this market is essential for anyone wishing to venture into it. Learn about the historical and current importance of gold, its main geopolitical, economic and demand factors that influence its price.

The importance of Gold for the markets

Gold is synonymous with wealth and power, serving as currency, a store of value as well as an investment asset. Its ability to retain its value over long periods of time has earned it a reputation as a safe haven, particularly sought after in times of economic uncertainty such as in times of war.

Beyond its beauty and its use in jewelry, gold plays a leading role in the diversification of investment portfolios, providing a hedge against inflation and currency devaluation. Gold’s appeal was significantly demonstrated during recent financial crises, where its demand soared as investors sought to protect their capital in an unstable market environment. In times of low interest rates, gold becomes even more attractive, as the opportunity cost of holding non-interest-bearing assets, like gold, decreases.

What are the factors that influence the price of Gold

The price of gold is shaped by a delicate balance between production and consumption. Demand is driven by jewelry, consuming nearly 50% of global production, and by the financial sector. The emergence of a middle class in Asia, particularly in China and India, is strengthening demand. Furthermore, production has declined by 26% since 2011, caused by the depletion of exploitable reserves. Efforts in prospecting, particularly in the seabed, or in recycling modestly support the offer.

The monetary policies of central banks have a direct influence on the price of the yellow metal. A rise in rates will attract capital to the bond market, abandoning the gold market. Conversely, a drop in rates, often a harbinger of inflation, will make gold more attractive. Likewise, gold and the US dollar have an inverse relationship. A weakening dollar makes gold more attractive and increases its overall demand, as a stable alternative investment.

During crises, the yellow metal knows how to confirm its status as a safe haven. In 2020, gold marked new highs amid the pandemic. However, this popularity can lead to speculative bubbles. Investors must use the risk reduction mechanisms available to them, such as stop losses or diversification.

Methods and tools for trading Gold

Whether you opt to purchase physical gold or speculate on its prices via financial instruments, each method presents its own advantages and challenges.

In what form should you trade Gold

Gold trading is practiced in various forms, each adapted to different investor profiles. Physical gold, in the form of bars and coins, offers concrete protection against inflation and crises, allowing you to hold a tangible asset. This form of investment is, however, not as liquid as paper trading, which mainly takes place during market hours, although some instruments, such as turbos, are accessible 24 hours a day during the week.

Financial instruments linked to gold, such as ETFs, futures contracts, or shares of mining companies, offer great trading flexibility. For example, the gold ETF market tracks the trading hours of the exchange on which they are traded, allowing investors to respond quickly to market fluctuations. These instruments may be affected by volatility and sector risks, but provide exposure to gold price movements without requiring physical ownership.

The gold price fixing times in London, at 10:30 a.m. for the opening and 3 p.m. for the closing, are key moments of the trading day. The price set at 3 p.m., expressed in dollars, serves as a global reference for market players. This process, made more transparent since its digitalization in March 2015 by the London Market Bullion Association, replaces the old, less transparent method of setting carried out between four major banks (Société Générale, Barclays, Banque Scotia, and HSBC). Investors follow these fixings closely to optimize their market transactions.

Fundamental and technical analysis of Gold

Fundamental analysis in gold trading requires a deep understanding of macroeconomic factors, such as interest rates and the strength of the US dollar, as well as geopolitical events that can impact the market. For example, the 2008 financial crisis led to a significant increase in demand for gold as a safe haven, causing its price to rise significantly.

Regarding technical analysis, it goes beyond simple observation of price charts to include indicators like moving averages and the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo. The latter, for example, is particularly suitable for capturing the general trend of the gold market and determining support and resistance levels, valuable information for a trader.

Adopting a hybrid analysis strategy combines these two approaches to refine the accuracy of predictions on gold price movements. This method takes into account the emotional aspect and market trends, thus offering a more complete reading grid for decision-making in a market sensitive to gold movements.

How to trade Gold

The yellow metal has always attracted a wide range of investors. Whether you are a scalper or daytrader, or looking to build a long-term portfolio, adopting a good method is necessary. We explore proven strategies, presenting long-term strategies, short-term tactics and even hedging tools.

Long-term investment strategy for Gold

Investing in gold for the long term helps protect against economic uncertainty and inflation. The yellow metal not only offers value retention but also offers long-term growth prospect. To manage your positions for the long term, you need to analyze macroeconomic trends and follow the monetary policies of central banks. One way to trade gold in the long-term is to invest some of your savings in a Gold IRA account.

Don’t hesitate to combine fundamental and technical analysis to detect the best opportunities. You can choose different forms of investments, such as shares of mining companies, derivative products (futures, ETFs for example) or even physical products (coins and bars).

Short-term Gold Trading Strategy

Gold trading offers unique opportunities due to its volatility. You can exploit its daily fluctuations to pocket regular gains. Scalping and daytrading are very popular, although they require a solid technical background and sound risk management. Tools, such as price action, moving averages or the RSI, will help you detect potential entry or exit points. Risk management is essential: set your stops and adjust the size of your positions to limit your potential losses. The key to success lies in strict discipline, sound risk management and continuous market analysis.

How to hedge on Gold

Diversifying into gold makes it possible to limit the effect of an adverse variation in one or more assets held in the portfolio. Investors can turn to derivatives like futures and options, not forgetting CFDs and ETFs. These products replicate gold price movements, without requiring its physical position. Remember to correctly assess your level of coverage, so as not to overprotect your portfolio and thus limit potential gains.

Following current trends is not enough to succeed in the Gold market. It is also necessary to understand the actors, the forces that interact and adapt to new technologies. Continuing education plays a major role. Even if gold trading can be intimidating due to its complexity, the chances of success are real with good practices and a methodological approach. Familiarizing yourself with the basics of the market, understanding different trading instruments and staying informed helps in making informed decisions.

Developing a strategy suited to Gold is essential to success. It takes into account investment objectives, selection of a method matching your risk profile, and effective use of analysis tools. Patience and discipline are also necessary. Trading gold requires a long-term approach, avoiding hasty decisions based on emotions or short-term market fluctuations.

Best online casino choice

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How to select the best online slot casino site?

Casino slots games have become the favorite pastime and a good source of extra income for many gamblers of the world. In other words, they experience the best fun and thrill and side-by-side they earn big bucks as a matter of luck if they have any. But not everyone does of course as there are more losers than winners.

Anyway, slots are exceptionally liked by a great many people playing games online because of the simpl gaming rules and ease-of-use of the free casino platforms. There are many online casino sites you can choose from. Some offer real money slot games, while others offer free slots games. However, for new individuals especially, it may be a bit complex to determine which casino site to choose from as the result from a google query can be long.

Yet you may find a good site that offers the best payout rate, huge attractive jackpots and sign up bonuses as well. If you search thoroughly you will certainly be able to compare offers and to make a short list of the top most reputable online casinos offering a juicy promotion to their new players.

Playing slot games for free has been not a matter of any consideration as multiple sites host this facility. Even so, it is a must for every individual player to go through the reviews before they actually start playing on the slot machines. This will help them have a better understanding about the online casino site and its services or features. How good is his customer service and support, how fast and easy are its payouts? Important questions to ask yourself before sending any cash to them. As a result, you can surely find the best free online casino slot and readily play there.

Players must also ensure the reputation of online casinos as it steadily stands out to be the crux when choosing a reliable online casino. So it is especially recommended for new online players to select a casino that has been booming in the internet for a long time for its integrity and popularity. Other features to be included are customer service, payout percentage, promptness that must be great while choosing an online casino slot site.

Not all casinos are made equal, far from it, there is the good, the bad and the ugly, so take your time when you make your research online. In particular read the fine prints of how the bonus can be released and what are the wagering requirements. You may find a good deal if you spend some time bargain hunting.

Live Online Casinos

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The gambling industry has not stopped to reinvent itself for the past few centuries and there is no end in sight to the constant innovative creativity that the gaming niche produces every year. The latest in this vein are the live online casinos. It is neither a regular online casino nor a live casino, it is a mix of both.

In a nutshell what online casinos are now offering to the demanding modern gambler are games played like in a brick and mortar casino except that you play from home. But instead of playing purely electronic games from your online casino, you will play with a real human dealer that you see on your screen via a camera. So it is exactly like playing at a live casino, but you do that from the comfort of your living room.

And like for most online casinos, you can play at these live online casinos either with a program that you download on your computer, or with nodownload casinos online systems. This novelty is really the result of crossing all the latest technologies in modern computing.

So why would you play at a live online casino?

It is just a matter of taste and there is something for every taste in gambling. Let’s say you do not have the time or interest in traveling to Las Vegas, Atlantic City or another remote casino. But you love these games. So you have been playing at these online casinos, but you prefer the human touch of interacting with a human dealer (usually a beautiful young woman) and the exciting atmosphere of the brick and mortar casino.

Now you can get the best of both worlds with live online casinos where you play with a dealer, but remotely. This is all the craze in Internet gaming nowadays, try it out if you like to test this new format. The popular games are Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette or even Poker.

For instance All Slots Live Casino launched last year. They have four live dealers reserved for you and you get a cool 100% bonus up to $200 for signing up. The software runs on Microgaming, a solid and reputable service provider for online casinos.

In this application the game is real time, so you really get exactly the same speed as what you get at a brick and mortar casino. What the software mostly does is transmit the video feed through the Internet. You still need to click your mouse to play instead of handling chips or cards of course.

And these games are as safe as the real ones, even safer as no one can rob you of your winnings in the back alley.

Reviews on two Quality Online Casino Slots

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The swanky slot machines are always the major attraction of the casinos, irrespective of it being online or offline. And, of late the online casino games are becoming more and more popular as they are having a wider range of the slots than compared to the land and the brick casino.

A large number of people are there people who usually come to the casinos only with a view to play the slot games and this in deed includes people of all age group ranging from the kids to the elderly people. The slots are those games which don’t need a player to make use of their brains as it simply requires a coin and thence pulling the lever of machines. Different types slots available on the internet like the reel king slots, rainbow riches slots etc. and in this piece of article, we will be focusing on two of them basing on the reviews found on the online bingo sites:

The Best of the Online Classic Slots

A. The Safe Cracker – This is in deed an awesome machine. It provides a mammoth jackpot of a cool twenty thousand coins. And, you can even make bets within the range of ¼ to $5 and the maximum bet is as much as 3 coins. You can even win as much as $5000 with one single spin, and with the 3 spins, you might get lucky for a mammoth $20,000. And, even the payouts are provided in mid-range.

B. The Slot land – This particular online casino slot is also renowned for true attractive ambience, awesome odds and totally secured financial transactions. Unlike a lot of other web sites, it does not need you to make download of any kind of software. You can even play with an initial deposit of as less as $100. It provides multiple line slots like the 2 pay-lines, 4 pay-lines, and 5-pay lines and last but not the least the 8-pay lines. You are in deed having pretty good probability of winning good share of money here.

The fun of an online casino

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Young lady in casino play game

Some traditionalists believe that online gambling is as thrilling and versatile as playing casino games in a real-life casino. However, this notion is totally proved wrong by gambling enthusiasts and casino game buffs from all over the globe and especially America who swear by thrills and excitements of online casino games.

You can play different types of casino games in an online gambling club or casino room and enjoy the same nail-biting thrills of these traditional casino games like Omaha, Texas Holdem, American Blackjack and Roulette.

Thus, if you are of the opinion that playing interesting games like poker and roulette on your computer with mouse clicks would ruin your excitement, then you are completely wrong. Just check online casino reviews to find out.

The fact remains that the fast pace of modern life debars us from enjoying regular casino games like in brick and mortar casinos. Thus, the advent of online casinos has in fact augmented the enjoyment of gambling enthusiasts all round the globe because it enables them to enjoy games with other gamblers all round the globe.

Not only that, you can also find out about the betting patterns, strategies and finer nuances of the various casino games just with a click of a mouse through online casino websites. Thus, these online casinos are a virtual treasure trove of gambling information. Thus, if you are just embarking into the world of online gaming then you can also find out great casino reviews of popular gambling websites which would provide you detailed information on gambling rules and strategies.

You can also glean information about the various free downloads and free online games that you can avail from these online casino venues. Only after checking out the various casino reviews when you are satisfied that you have got the best gaming deal, then you can start betting in online gambling rooms and relish the excitement of popular casino games.

These online websites also offer enormous amount of prize money from the gambling tournaments they hold. If lady luck favors you, then you can stand to win millions of dollar as prize money by winning one of these roulette, poker or blackjack tournaments. So, if you want to play casino games in the big league, peruse the various casino reviews and find out the online casinos which offer the biggest cash prize and join the fray.

Overcoming the Bad Beats

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I just went through a horrible series of tough losses and bad beats in my sit n go poker games. I played 12 games and lost every one of them even though I felt I was playing at the top of my game. The beer bottles stacked up fast as each loss stung even more than the last.

If I had two aces in the pocket and went all in preflop then some knuck with ace king offsuit would call me and hit a straight or a flush. In all of the games (except one where I misjudged my opponents hand) I had my money in the pot with the best hand but the other players always seemed to draw out on me. Out of 12 losses I made it to middle to late stage every time but managed to finish outside the money in all of them.

As my losses added up I was tempted to stray from my normal strategy but I didn’t. I decided to take a little break and play some cash games where I was able to recover most of my sit n go losses. Still, sit n go is my game so I made my way back and persisted, playing the strategy I believe works best.

I felt I just needed one win to turn the tide and it happened. In the 13th game I believe I was still playing the same game as I played in all the prior 12 games. This time I took third place. It wasn’t great, but it was in the money. In the next two games I took first place and so the string of bad beats ended just as quickly and unceremoniously as it had started.

I know, I know… as I’ve said before, “nobody gives a damn about your bad beats” and that isn’t really the message I’m trying to get across here. I’m saying that we need to avoid going on tilt and that can be easier said than done. We need to play the proper strategy even when we see loose players sucking out all around us. By playing a solid game, using proper strategy and avoiding going on tilt we can overcome the bad beats and strings of losses that invariably strike all poker players from time to time.

I hope my string of bad luck is over for a while now. I’m back to my normal percentage of winning about 60 to 70% of my sit n go games. The key to success at online poker in my opinion is consistency. Be a rock and do not let the vagaries of short-term variance affect your mind.

Online cash games in Italy

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Monday, July 18, 2011 is the biggest day for Italian games since the day Dario Minieri won a Porsche at Pokerstars, just playing online poker. As Italian players can finally play in cash games at online poker rooms. Yes finally ring games have arrived in online poker rooms in Italy, not just tournaments.

While Italy was the precursor with respect to regulating online poker and controlling operators with a strict licensing system, in the area of online gambling legalization cash games were desperately missing. Indeed online poker had only obtained approval for SNGs and tournaments in the limit of €100 buy-in.

This was a really strange situation to allow tournaments but not cash games. Very odd. It simply did not make sense. Even with an argument regarding games of skills, indeed ring games are generally believed to require more skill than tournaments. But one could say that at least they had some sort of regulation, unlike many other countries including the United States, which don’t not seem to be able to handle this business at all.

After more than four months required to wait between the announcement of the decree and its implementation, there was one final month before the official launch of these Italian cash games. The additional good news is that the maximum buy-in for tournaments is up to €250 while cash games are set at a maximum of €1,000.

As expected on July 18th there was a fury in Italy as anyone and their mother was rushing to try these ring games. The largest poker rooms got the lion’s share of the market, starting with Pokerstars. To be honest it is quite amazing that such a small country as Italy, and with all due respect not a major innovator in computer technology, managed to establish a well run and regulated online poker market, while Americans keep on debating about the question while nothing gets done. Stack up for the summer, what good timing in any case by the authorities.

Poker face

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After a while, you will learn when to raise or stay with your hand and which hands to start with. The trick when starting out is to not underestimate your chances.

Don’t fret and worry so that you never really get started and because you will not learn the true game or grow to appreciate it. Simply start betting, raising and check, then raising more and learn to bluff. Don’t overdo it when just starting out. Take yourself out of your comfort zone, it may surprise you how much fun learning can be and how quickly you will learn.

If you folded only to learn that your hand would have made a good hand on the flop, don’t make comments or gestures that show your exasperation. The same can be said about showing others through your expressions or habits that you are excited to have a pair of aces.

Don’t bounce out of your seat spilling poker chips. Don’t let your jaw fall open in unbelief or bang your hands or head on the table. To do so is not only annoying to others but it gives away your hand and even can change the outcome of the game for yourself or others. In fact, don’t react to the cards at all. I know these were an exaggeration but I hope I made my point. Learn to bluff and be a mannequin.

Learning not to allow the opposition to be able to read your style will make the difference between winning and losing. The key is to be able to have many styles so that the opposition doesn’t know how to combat it. Develop a poker face.

No matter what the reasoning, do not play when drunk. Nothing is more disgusting than sitting beside an inebriated player. Someone bumping into you, knocking over the poker chips ruins the game. Someone who forgets when it is his turn to play his hand makes for a really upsetting experience. Would you rather be remembered as an honorable and worthy opponent or the slob who ruined the game? The choice is yours.

Congratulations to Phil Laak

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In 2004 Phil Laak broke out into the poker scene with a win at the World Poker Tour’s Celebrity Invitational’s. Since then Phil Laak has become a trademark name in poker along with his alias the “Unabomber”. Phil Laak gained the nickname the Unabomber because he frequently wore a hooded sweatshirt with sunglasses at the table. Phil would put up his hood and seal it as to hide his face from other players reading tells.

Laak was born in Dublin, Ireland however he was raised on the east coast of the United States where he learned to be an excellent backgammon player and started his poker curiosity that led him to the west coast. Phil Laak moved to the west coast where he would eventually master the game of poker alongside of his best friend and once roommate professional poker player Antonio Esfandiari. After the WPT win Phil Laak had a big break out year in 2005 when he raked in over $700,000 in tournament earnings.

Phil has just recently added another impressive win to his already stacked record by taking down the 2010 WSOPE 6-Max NL Hold’em. With the 2010 WSOPE win Phil Laak has had the best year since his breakout year in 2005. Phil Laak so far has brought in over $630,000 in tournament earnings in 2010. Phil Laak had a win in the PartyPoker World Poker Open however besides that win he has been lacking on big tournament wins for a while, Phil Laak welcomes this big WSOPE event win.

The 2010 WSOPE event was a star studded event where Phil Laak would make it to the final table as one of the bigger stacks along with two time WSOPE bracelet winner Chris Bjorin and Andrew Pantling as the two other big stacks. The three lower stacks were Willie Tan, David Peters, and IIan Rouah who would all become the first three to bust out of the final table.

Phil Laak didn’t get a chance to accumulate too many chips after the first three busts out however after a double up through Andrew Pantling and busting out Chris Bjorin, Phil Laak went in prepared for heads up battle. Phil Laak slowly chipped away at Pantling’s stack until he out chipped him 3 to 1. Phil Laak put in the final blow to Pantling’s stack after an all in showdown revealed Phil Laak’s K5 connected against Pantling’s A10. Congratulations to the 2010 WSOPE event winner, Phil Laak.

WCOOP Omaha event

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Hopefully in tomorrow’s WCOOP $530 Omaha/8 event I can get some result. There is one small problem. I am a dreadful omaha/8 player. I would say aside from stud it is my worst poker game. Oh well. Wish me luck!

And I thought I was bad at Omaha/8. during the first hour I played great and increased my chips a nice chunk. At the second hour I played stinky and missed some big draws and found myself with 3 big bets left going into the third hour. At the third hour I played real real good poker, doubled up, then lost them back, doubled up once more, lost them back another time, then finally my bust out hand came.

I have 2.5 big bets at 300/600 (I believe) limits. There is an early position limper and I raise with AA46 single suited. The guy after me calls two bets cold with AJ66, no joke. It is fold around to the limper who calls. The flop is an ugly KQ9. The limper checks and I decide with so few chips, I can’t give up on this pot despite the ugly flop, so I bet and the cold caller calls again (he has a pair of 6s, where the heck is he going right!?). The early limper folds. The turn card is a 4. I toss out the last of my chips (except 38 of them). Again, he opts to call. The river card is a T. yes

Anyway tournament poker is retarded, that is why they are called donkaments. That was stupid, but what can I say, I played the hand correctly and he was so lucky at the river. It is had for me to swallow this kind of bad play that gets rewarded with a nice river card, but this is part of poker I guess. Practice makes perfect as they say.